BRICS Cities: Facts and Reviews 2016


The “BRICS Cities: Facts & Analysis 2016” report of the South African Cities Network (SACN) has just been published, which features factsheets produced by the BRICS Policy Center (BPC) through the coordination of Prof. Sergio Veloso (BRICS Urbe).

The partnership between BPC and SACN led to the idea of ​​the BRICS Cities project, which took into account BPC’s methodology to address new issues through the production of factsheets about the area in order to distinguish the most interesting subjects to be used in production of papers and discussions.

The report recognizes the importance of cities and urbanization as significant factors in social, economic and political systems, both local and global, that have accompanied the process of consolidation of BRICS as relevant actors in the international scenario since 2001. In this sense, important issues are analyzed of BRICS urban dynamics, such as transport, green energy, and innovation-driven economies that cover areas of productivity, inclusion, and sustainability that are computed by measuring the performance of cities.

Access the report here.