About the program

About the program

Am I eligible for the program?

To be eligible for the program you need to fit the following requirements:

Language: Have working language of either English or Portuguese and be able to both write and collaborate with local scholars in one of those two languages;

Education: Have earned a Doctorate from an accredited university or professional school (exceptional doctoral candidates may be considered if the proposed project is part of the thesis project);

Experience: Have prior research and/or professional experience in a theme related to the proposed project.


What is the period of the program?

Fellows may apply to participate of the Fellowship at BPC for at least 02 weeks and maximum 01 year.

Is there any stipend for the Program?

No, the fellowship program is on a volunteer basis.

What activities do Fellows carry out during the program?

During the program, fellows are expected to:

  • Produce, in collaboration with the chosen research group, Policy Briefs and/or academic papers;
  • Give lectures at the Center (themes and formats will be defined after the fellows arrival, based on their suggestions as well as BPC’s requests) and other events, such as colloquia and seminars;
  • Participate in interviews and other media activities.

How to Apply

To apply for the program, candidates need to send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] with the following documents:

  • The completed and signed application form that can be found HERE.
  • A curriculum vitae (resumé), in Portuguese or English;
  • 2 letters of recommendation from sources familiar with the applicant’s research and professional record (optional);
  • Writing sample: past publication or manuscript (in English or Portuguese), preferably on a theme relevant to the proposed project (optional);
  • Research/ Project Proposal: Please indicate, in a preference order, up to 03 research groups and/or themes you would like to cope with while at BPC, and submit 2-3 pages that include research question and relevance, literature review, methods, and timeline;
  • Statement of Purpose: 1 page statement of purpose explaining how the stay at BPC will help in carrying out the project;
  • Main Pages of Passport: first pages with personal information including number and expiration date.

The program is voluntary, which means that the BRICS Policy Center will not offer any kind of remuneration. If it is of interest to the fellow, he/she can pay an optional fee of 900 reais to CCCI (Central Coordination of International Cooperation) for a program that involves:

·         Welcome at the airport and airport pick-up (on specified dates)
These services are provided at the International Airport only

·         Orientation week

·         Online Portuguese placement test

·         Assistance with the Federal Police registration (Immigration)

·         Welcome lunch

·         Tourist/cultural activities

·         City tour of Rio de Janeiro

·         Field trip, Welcome reception

·         Social gathering

·         Assistance throughout the internship / Fellowship

What are the health concerns?

An international health insurance is mandatory to participate in the fellowship program. A digital copy of it should be sent to BPC before the fellow arrives in Rio de Janeiro.

In Brazil there is no law obligation to attest any specific vaccination. However, before traveling, is recommended to get the yellow fever shot and to have an updated vaccination card.

Do I need a visa to participate in the program?

When applying for the program is very important to get in touch with the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy of your jurisdiction and check the need to get a visa. All concerns about legal bureaucracy are entirely of the fellow’s responsibility. In case a visa is required, you can ask for BPC to provide an invitation letter with your personal data for the Consulate/Embassy visa’s process.


Other Information

What is the Brazilian currency?

The currency in Brazil is the Real [R$]. Updated information about the exchange rate can be found at: http://www4.bcb.gov.br/pec/taxas/port/ptaxnpesq.asp?id=txcotacao

What is the weather like in Rio?

The weather in Rio is mostly sunny and warm during the whole year with occasional rain, mainly during summer. It is important to notice that we have high temperatures (usually more than 30°C) from October to April. During winter our temperatures usually vary from 15°C to 25°C.

Air Tickets

Will BPC purchase the air ticket to/from Rio?

No. The costs referents to airline tickets are entirely of the fellow’s responsibility.

Accomodations in Rio

How can Fellows find accommodation in Rio?

Fellows are responsible for finding and paying for their own lodging. Renting an apartment can be a very bureaucratic and complicated process, so we recommend that our visitors use AirBnB. If the fellow in question is approved for the program, he/she will receive a list of AirBnB recommendations.

Where is BPC located and what is the cost of accommodation in Rio?

The BRICS Policy Center is located in Laranjeiras, one of the most wooded and charming neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. It is worth noting that the neighborhood is not as touristy as others such as Copacabana and Ipanema, so the lodging options are a bit more restricted, although they do exist. To get around this, it may also be worth looking for options in the Flamengo or Cosme Velho neighborhoods. It is also possible to live in neighborhoods such as Botafogo, Copacabana, Ipanema, or Leblon, but you will need to get to and from the BRICS Policy Center by public transportation or Uber / Taxi. The AirBnB daily rates in these areas average around 180 reais, considering the high season scenario (November-February).


How do Rio’s public and private transportation systems work?

The Rio de Janeiro transportation system consists of buses, trains, subway and taxis/ubers. More detailed information about this will be provided in a guideline after you are approved to the program.