The application for the voluntary internship program to exchange students is closed. The program consists in providing the exchange student an experience that goes beyond the classroom, contributing to a plural and more complete formation.


Barbara Martins-Costa, student from the University of Montreal and intern at BPC in the last semester of 2015, said: “My main goal was to enjoy my exchange at PUC Rio for an internship, but I think what really motivated me to apply for this position in special was the worldwide recognition of the acronym BRICS. Working in the BRICS Policy Center will certainly be an experience recognized worldwide.”


Matteo Cavalier, a student at Brown University and volunteer intern during last semester, said his work in the BRICS Policy Center would bring him more chances of achieving new opportunities: “I think that [the experience in BPC] was great for me, especially because it is one of the think tanks better recognized worldwide. After this semester here at PUC Rio, I am thinking of going to Hong Kong, China. So, obviously, the work in the BPC will help me a lot to apply for jobs and internships there as well. So, the BPC opens opportunities in think tanks around the world, I guess.”

Intern in the research area, Isabella Todaro, of Georgetown University, reported some of her experience: “I had the opportunity to read a wide variety of BPC academic productions, so I learned a lot about different subjects. For example, on a micro scale, I could learn the specifics of the pros and cons of hydroelectric dams in the Amazon, but in a macro scale, I learned about the many cooperation projects among BRICS countries, the flow of information between them, etc”. Ms. Todaro worked on the Innovation Systems and Development Governance group during the last semester of 2015.

The announcement of the results from the selection will take place on April 01 at the BRICS Policy Center website.