BPC hosts the launch of the book “‘Fragile States’ in an Unequal World”, by Isabel Rocha de Siqueira

The launch of Isabel Rocha de Siqueira’s book “Fragile States in an Unequal World” took place on the 7th of December  and was hosted at the BRICS Policy Center, located at Casas Casadas in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.

The event was opened by Ana Garcia, presenting the agenda of the event and introduced the speakers. The event would follow the dynamic of several topic-based rounds of comments, in which the author and the remote speakers would discuss the process of research, personal experiences, and important concepts throughout the book.

Isabel Rocha de Siqueira went on to introduce her work and highlighted its nature and collaborative basis, organized around the research team.

The book is centered around the G7+, an intergovernmental organization that consists today of 20 countries, being a forum and space for countries that face conflicts and crises. Isabel Rocha de Siqueira also explains that in this project, choosing the right methodology has been a challenge, in order to understand and coherently link the topics of the five chapters of the book and critically comprehend the concept of “fragile states”.

Essentially, the publishing of the book aims at empowering the generations to come and uphold the importance of youth, meanwhile Isabel Rocha de Siqueira hints at some key obstacles that will challenge the process. The author pointed out that for this purpose, the goal was to present this academic work in accessible language and establish an open dialogue with the G7+ itself.


Download the open access ebook