Workshop: The BRICS in Africa and Latin America: What to Expect from the Summit in South Africa? – Available on Youtube

On August 17, 2023, the BRICS Policy Center and the Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples (REBRIP) held the workshop “The BRICS in Africa and Latin America: what to expect from the summit in South Africa?”
The workshop began with a panel discussion on “The BRICS Summit in South Africa” with Lisa Thompson (University of Western Cape), Ana Garcia (PUC-Rio) and Graciela Rodriguez (REBRIP). The debate gave a historical perspective of the BRICS and the main themes of the summit, with views from South Africa and Brazil.

The workshop then turned to debates on recent research carried out by the BPC. The research on “Investment and trade agreements between the BRICS countries and Latin America and the Caribbean” was presented by Ana Garcia (PUC-Rio), Maria Elena Rodríguez (PUC-Rio), with comments from Luciana Ghiotto (CLACSO) and Manu Misra (BRICS Policy Center). Then the research on “China’s investments in South Africa and Brazil: a comparative analysis” was presented and discussed with Ana Garcia (PUC-Rio), Maria Elena Rodriguez (PUC-Rio), Lisa Thompson (University of Western Cape), Cleiton Brito (Federal University of Amazonas), with comments from Adhemar Pinheiro (REBRIP) and Enara Muñoz (BRICS Policy Center).

The workshop was very rich and productive, with exchanges of visions and information based on empirical research. The day ended with a brief exchange on work agendas between the organizations.

The recording of the workshop is available on the BRICS Policy Center’s YouTube page: