Undergraduate and Professional Masters (MAPI) students from the Institute of International Relations were received by the local Vice President of PetroChina

On Tuesday, January 17, students from the Institute of International Relations’ Undergraduate and Professional Master’s programs visited PetroChina’s offices to learn about the company, its operations in Brazil and expand their knowledge of the bilateral Brazil-China relationship.

The visit is part of the preparation for the group of 24 students who will be traveling to China between March 24 and April 7 on the first edition of IRI Global. The trip will allow the students to deepen their knowledge of the country and will include visits and meetings with the Brazilian Embassy, Chinese universities and Brazilian and Chinese companies operating in both countries, among others. Throughout the semester, the students are prepared through a course created specifically for this purpose, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Elena Rodriguez, Prof. Carlos Frederico Coelho and Prof. Isabel Siqueira – Director of the IRI.

PetroChina is the world’s largest integrated oil and gas producer and the students were welcomed by its local Vice President, Mr. Yong Yunchao and Human Resources Manager Camila Rodrigues. On that occasion, they were able to hear from leaders in each of the company’s areas of activity, as well as taking the opportunity to ask a range of questions.