The T20 Inception Meeting has started!

This event marks the beginning of this year’s activities, where T20 Brazil will meet on March 4, 5 and 6 to discuss crucial issues such as the strategies of each Task Force, exploring innovative ways to rethink the world in search of a fairer and more sustainable planet.
Prominent voices from the International and National Advisory Councils will bring valuable information to the T20 Brazil process. In addition, there will be interaction with senior officials from G20 Brazil and other engagement groups.

We cannot fail to highlight that the BRICS Policy Center coordinates Task Force 3, playing a crucial role in this global dialog on March 5th.

We would like to remind you and your Task Force members to register for the T20 Brazil Inception Conference here, if you haven’t already done so: Only after registering will you receive your access link.

The general public can watch the event on YouTube at @t20org .