The commercial and diplomatic repercussions of Argentina’s election: Interview with Ana Garcia for the newspaper Poder360

On Monday (23), Ana Garcia, a researcher and collaborating professor at IRI/PUC-Rio, gave an interview to the news portal Poder360 about the possible commercial and diplomatic impacts of the Argentine presidential election, especially on the neighboring country’s stance in international blocs and agreements. According to the other experts interviewed, a possible victory for the Argentine presidential candidate, Javier Milei, will cause turbulence in Argentina-Brazil relations.


Asked about the possibility of Argentina joining the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Ana claims that, if Massa is victorious, it is highly unlikely that Argentina will join the bloc before Brazil, despite the fact that it has been flirting with joining the bloc since 2022. With regard to Argentina’s stance on BRICS, Ana believes that Milei’s move away from China could mean a rapprochement with the Russian government, more specifically with the figure of Vladimir Putin. According to her:


“The international far right linked [to former US president Donald Trump] has been hostile to China, but very close to Russia, so BRICS is not totally out of the question because of Putin’s presence and Trump’s closeness [to him].”


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