The Challenge of Promoting Fundamental Rights at Work in Regional and Global Supply Chains.

Brazil’s presidency of the G20 has chosen the promotion of social inclusion and the fight against inequality and hunger as the main axis of convergence of the countries’ proposals to be presented between December 2023 and December 2024.
On April 12, a conference on the challenge of promoting fundamental rights at work in regional and global supply chains will be held at 9am at the BRICS Policy Center in Laranjeiras.
The conference will focus on the impacts of international geopolitics on regional and global supply chains, the role of guidelines from international bodies such as the OECD, ILO and UN on the protection of fundamental labor rights and company compliance, innovations in Brazilian labor jurisprudence and, finally, the promotion of decent work as a tool for poverty eradication and social inclusion.
The contributions and material from the conference will result in a policy brief authored by Dr. Renato Bignami, visiting researcher at the BRICS policy center, Labor Inspector, Master in Labor Law from USP and PhD in Labor Law and Social Security from the Complutense University of Madrid.