The BRICS Policy Center welcomes 3 fellows this year: Mabel González Bustelo, Jose Pascal da Rocha, and Raslan Ibrahim.

The visiting professors will stay in Rio for two months, during which they will contribute in several activities and research projects of the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM).

The researchers were chosen after a highly competitive selection process that received excellent applications from qualified academics, PhD students and professionals from different regions of the world.

Among the activities already put forward by the fellows, we may highlight the academic and training program offered by each of them during the GSUM Winter School on conflict resolution and international mediation. In the coming days, the researchers will also hold three public colloquia.

Jose Pascal da Rocha’s Colloquium, entitled “Legitimacy and Resilience in National Dialogue Processes”, will take place at BPC’s library (63 Dona Mariana St, Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro), on August 06th, at 4 p.m.

The colloquium of Mabel González Bustelo and Dr. Raslan Ibrahim will be held respectively on August 20th and September 3rd, also at BPC’s library, at 4 p.m. More on this soon.

Apart from events and courses, the visiting fellows will produce academic articles and/or Policy Briefs related to their fields of expertise within conflict and mediation. The papers will be published soon.