Screening of the documentary “Three Cities – Fighting Slavery”

On 06/16/2023 and at 10am Brasília, the University of Essex, more specifically the research group Essex Business and Human Rights, will show the film “Three Cities – Fighting Slavery”, partially organized by MAPI professor and coordinator of the Contemporary Slavery Research Center, Silvia Pinheiro. This screening will not be limited to the face-to-face setting, and can also be viewed via Zoom after a brief registration at the following link:

The feature film presents in documentary form the panorama of modern slavery in distinct settings: Nottingham, in England; Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil; and Maputo, in Mozambique. These different environments bring richness to the film, as they can make explicit the nuances and major differences in English, Brazilian, and Mozambican modern slavery. Furthermore, topics such as resistance to these exploitative practices, the reality of child marriage, and also migration issues come up during the film. The documentary was positively received by the critics, as evidenced by its victory as best feature at the Political Film Festival in Los Angeles.