Revisiting the Security-Development Nexus: transformations and myths in international politics

The Policy Brief “Revisiting the Security-Development Nexus: transformations and myths in international policy” looks at two sets of issues: a) efforts to define and focus on the intersections between issues of peace, security, and development; and b) disputes evolving around the knowledge and thus the methods employed to address these issues. The brief aims to briefly explore what has changed and what has not changed in the way the so-called “security-development nexus” has been addressed in recent decades in international politics. The aim is not only to provide a historical overview, but mainly to highlight some myths in the trajectory of this debate which has an enormous impact on the formulation of public policies, social interventions, and development project designs.
Hereby, this policy brief first presents a brief overview of the main changes in the field of international policies regarding S&D in recent decades, with special emphasis on recent developments. In the second section, it points out some of the myths that continue to be reproduced in different international policy documents for S&D in recent years. Followingly, it indicates some conceptual and normative transformations that suggest new possibilities for theoretical reflection and political action around S&D. Finally, it invites for future reflections on the intersections between security and development in the Global South.

Isabel Rocha de Siqueira –
Lucas Guerra, Celeste Passos