Megacities in the perspective of the global capitalism: the new technologies conditioning the development of urban networks in BRICS.

The present work is part of the construction of a hypothesis of research on the big cities that is based on the notion of semiperiphery. As a place in the hierarchical configuration and division of labor in the world system, the notion of semiperiphery will be analyzed from the systemic transition and the global spatial adjustment that goes to East Asia. In this sense, the theme of urban development will be examined in the light of a comparative analysis within the BRICS countries, situating the metropolitan urban phenomenon from the polarizations that define the positions among the networks of cities in view, in this first work, the identification of the new information and communication technologies – NTICs – as one of the fundamental vectors that allow to articulate the cooperation platforms and the strategies of international insertion of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa.

Available only in Portuguese.