Inequalities and public policies in societies

The Monitor issue entitled “Cadernos BRICS-Urbe”, coordinated by Professor Sérgio Veloso dos Santos Júnior, invited undergraduate students of International Relations at PUC-Rio to develop a reflection on the different dimensions of the problem of inequality as the final exercise of the advanced studies course “Inequalities and public policies in contemporary societies”. Throughout the three texts, the reader will find young undergraduates striving not only to understand the dynamics and dimensions of inequalities from a theoretical perspective, but, above all, willing to situate themselves in the broader scenario of inequalities, recognizing places of speech and trying to find solutions to a problem that crosses and impacts us all, but also in an unequal way.
The publication consists of four articles: “The address of citizenship: the weakening of basic rights from the perspective of the homeless population in Rio de Janeiro”; “Violations of Women’s Right to the City”; “Education in Crisis”; and “Dilemmas of Access to Higher Education in Brazil: from the formulation of public policies to paths toward freedom”.

Authors: Ana Carolina Santoro Cupello, Ana Clara de Mello Figueiredo, Giulia Neiva, Juliana Soares, Marina Kronemberger, Juliana Nadalutti, Nathalia Ayres, Teresa Tarragó, João Emanuel Gomes e Lucas Felipe Lopes Silva.