Guide to Understanding the G20

The Guide to Understanding the G20 is the result of a partnership between the BRICS Policy Center (BPC), Jubileu Sul Brasil (Jubilee South Brazil), and Associação Nacional de ONGs (ABONG, or the National Association of NGOs). A collaborative effort with civil society organizations and networks, such as Rede Brasileira Pela Integração dos Povos (REBRIP, or the Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples) and Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos (INESC, or the Institute of Socioeconomic Studies), among others, this Guide aims to facilitate your journey through the complex universe of the G20, from the time of its creation, during the gradual expansion of its agenda and structure, until now, the year that Brazil holds the rotating presidency of the G20.

We hope that this Guide will provide useful information on the G20’s dynamics for civil society, the press, and academics, among other stakeholders. Written in easy-to-read language, its goal is to democratize information on the G20 process and terminology. To understand the G20, we sought to establish a pluralist dialogue with various representat ives of civil society organizations and networks and the academic world and invited them to share their impressions on the tensions in the G20, its limits, and potential.