Fact Sheet | Executive Summary: The Climate Ambition of the BRICS countries

This executive summary seeks to synthesize the main data on the climate situation of the BRICS countries and analyze where the climate ambition of each country stands, in order to foster reflection on their current climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives and broaden the debates about the relevance of these five states within the global climate governance. This publication is accompanied by the launch of a series of infographics that inform the BRICS in the global ranking of GHG and methane emissions, what their emissions reduction targets are, and what international climate commitments they have made, in addition to presenting each country’s contribution to the increase in global temperature.

These publications are the result of the research project “The Climate Ambition of BRICS Countries”, conducted by the BRICS Policy Center’s Socio-Environmental Platform in partnership with the Graduate Program in Social Sciences in Development, Agriculture and Society at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (CPDA/UFRRJ) and supported by the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS).