Exploring Indian Engagement in Agriculture and Health: A Case of Angola and Mozambique

This publication integrates the South-South Cooperation project and brings reflexions on practices of the cooperation sectors of agriculture and health between India and Mozambique and Angola. “Exploring Indian Engagement in Agriculture and Health: A Case of Angola and Mozambique” was written by Sachin Chaturvedi, a specialist in cooperation for development politics and South-South Cooperation, whith vast experience in organizations and research institutes.

India’s position is understood here as a partner between equals, in part because of common anticolonial struggles and economic problems related to historical structural dependence. Know-how exchanges in both sectors; professional formation programs and trainment; support to local policies and financial support to infraestructure projects are some of the practices observed and discussed in this article.

The overall argument is that Indian cooperation for development approach has more pragmatic effects, in face of the partnership position, when compared to North-South approaches. The role of private actors, NGOs and the Indian Exim Bank is also discussed. Firstly, the author brings the historical bilateral relations, reflecting on the main focus of cooperation during different political and economic contexts; secondly it explores the practices of each sector (health and agriculture) separatedly, and thirdly the conclusions.

One of the conclusions is that new agreements are creating opportunities for fundamental social sectors as health and agriculture. Cooperation becomes important for potential mutual gains, be it on market access or economic development aceleration. Food security is a chalenge for many african states and the Indian partnership seems interesting for insecurity decreases through its institutional and organizational capacities. Sachi reafirms the principles of equity and mutual gains for South-South cooperation when sustainable development in the long run is searched.