Chinese Investment Loans and Foreign Direct Investment in South Africa Between 2012 and 2022

The report is structured as follows. The historical background to the expansion of the PRC’s footprint in all spheres of African governance, most specifically in the area of economic development, follows this section. Thereafter, the report turns to examining the broader continental policy impact of the formal declarations made through the two blocs that have entrenched China’s presence in Africa, the region and South Africa, namely FOCAC and BRICS. We then turn to examining the establishment of bilateral ties with South Africa through MOUs and Bilateral International Trade Agreements and how this has infused development policies in South Africa. The last three sections of the report turn to an examination of the investment trends in the areas of SEZs, infrastructure and development, specifically examining the policy influence of China in South Africa’s SEZ policy and how this has affected the functional success of the SEZs in developmental terms. Fieldwork case study material is presented from Musina-Makhado SEZ.