BPC Policy Brief | An Approach to Women’s Special Unit for the Gender Perspective in Colombia’s peace

This policy brief discusses the implementation of gender measures in the context of the Colombian peace agreement from the perspective of one of its major participatory innovations: the Special Women’s Body for a Gender Perspective on Peace. Created by the agreement as a result of the importance acquired by the agenda in the “Havana Dialogues”, the body is an unprecedented, elective, and rotating space of political representation for Colombian women’s movements in the agreement’s implementation framework.
Its role, among other things, involves monitoring the progress of gender measures and in doing so giving recommendations and maintaining constant dialogue with implementing entities, government institutions and civil society. In light of its pioneering nature and its potential for building inclusive peace, the Policy-Brief assesses the functioning, the advances, and challenges of the entity since its installation in 2017, while also evaluating the prospects of its imminent renewal.
The publication was written in April 2022 by July Samira Fajardo Farfán, a researcher on women, peace, and security issues.

This PB is available in Spanish.

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