The BRICS and the fight against inequality

The BRICS and the fight against inequality

Held in partnership with Oxfam and researchers in four of the BRICS countries, this project addressed the issue of social inequality in BRICS countries and cities. The final result are two publications that brings together analyzes on critical issues for understanding the world of BRICS and the possibilities for transformations brought about by the joint action of these five countries. In this way, we intend to strengthen the debate among civil society organizations in the BRICS countries on crucial issues to combat inequality and sustainable development and thus find ways to make BRICS a vector for a less unequal and more democratic.


BRICS and the challenges in fighting inequality

this document contains four analyses of key issues for the understanding of BRICS and its world, and the possibilities of changes brought to the fore by the joint action of...

Inequality Matters

This study is a starting point for discussions being held in South Africa and Brazil, and will also contribute to research projects on public policy in the BRICS.