Between 2011 and 2012, BRICS-Urbe monitored and analyzed the construction of the BRICS countries’ agendas for sustainable development that would guide their participation in the Rio + 20 events. Several publications have been organized and produced, which can be downloaded free of charge.


Differentiated responsibilities, the right to development and the green economy:...

This paper discusses the agenda of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20), with a special focus on common understanding efforts on the "green economy".

The BRICS Towards Rio + 20: Russia

In this BRICS Monitor, the preliminary positions of Russia in relation to the Rio + 20 conference are discussed, explaining their expectations regarding the possible results of the negotiations, exposing...

The BRICS towards Rio+20: Brazil

This BRICS Monitor, which will focus on the official document presented to the UN by the Federative Republic of Brazil, opens a series of short texts in which we will...

The BRICS towards Rio+20: South Africa

In this BRICS Monitor we briefly present the positions and proposals suggested by the Government of the Republic of South Africa for Rio + 20.

The BRICS towards Rio + 20: India

In this BRICS Monitor we will briefly present the main points defended by the Republic of India in the National Inputs of India for Rio + 20.

The BRICS towards Rio+20: China

In this BRICS Monitor, in order to understand the positioning of BRICS countries for Rio + 20, we will briefly describe the proposals and principles to be defended by the...