Transformations of Development Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (FfD-LAC)

Transformations of Development Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (FfD-LAC)

Investments in infrastructure became a pivotal element for the recovery of the 2009 financial crisis, turning into a significant part of stimulus packages and subject of debate in many international for a, such as the G20, the WEF and the BRICS. “From billions to trillions” was a paper delivered in 2015 by six MDBs (WB included) and the IMF which is a landmark for a new wave of market-oriented reforms all over the Global South. After the financial crisis awakening and facing the growing Chinese foothold in the developing world, the document started paving a new road for western financial agents. The mobilization of private investment was the way found to promote development and cope with the post-2015 agenda challenges.


The project Transformations of Development Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (FfD-LAC), funded by Mott Foundation, aims to produce and disseminate quality information and analysis about the transformation of the Financing for Development (FfD) landscape and its implications for socio-environmental safeguards in the region. Its intended outcome is supporting the mobilization of collective public action to strengthening socio-environmental safeguards.


To achieve this objective, the project is organized around three thematic areas:

  • Knowledge database on Chinese Financial flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: constant Monitoring and Evaluation of the increasing amount of Chinese investments in Brazil and the LAC region through a consolidated and public database.


  • Monitoring Country Systems in the Amazon Region (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia) and analyzing the effectiveness of country systems to support socioenvironmental safeguards;


  • Monitoring the use of Public x Privates financing Tools in Brazil: Identification and characterization of currently operating financing instruments (Blended Finance, Aid for Trade, Business support programs, Challenge Funds and PPPs) in countries in the Amazon region, in order to identify the instruments’ main deficiencies and impacts.