Introducing the ENSURED Project: In an era marked by global challenges, international cooperation is more essential than ever. Yet multilateral initiatives too often end in gridlock, as dominant states seek to bend the global order to their own interests. Enter ENSURED, a Horizon Europe-funded research consortium studying how the EU and its member states can better defend multilateralism and make global governance more robust, effective, and democratic.

ENSURED focuses on key policy domains that by their very nature pose complex transnational challenges. Our research assesses the state of play in these different areas and investigates the EU’s strengths and weaknesses as an actor working to defend and transform multilateralism. Embracing the ethos of multilateral cooperation, the ENSURED consortium comprises universities, think tanks, and civil society groups from across Europe, Brazil, India, South Africa, China, and the United States. We aim to equip policymakers in the EU with evidence-based insights, actionable recommendations, and practical tools to promote better global governance for a world in transition.

How ENSURED Is Governed

In the ENSURED consortium, governing responsibilities are distributed among different partners within the project. ENSURED’s day-to-day coordination is managed by Maastricht University, with project coordinator Hylke Dijkstra and deputy coordinator Clara Weinhardt at the helm. Key decisions within the project are made during the yearly General Assembly, which includes all participants and project researchers. To keep up to date with the project’s progress, ENSURED’s Executive Board – made up of all the work-package leaders – meets three times a year. Together, they help to foster synergies between ENSURED’s focus areas and ensure the quality of the project. Finally, ENSURED has an advisory board whose members contribute to the project events and provide input for the key deliverables, such as the conceptual framework and the strategic choices report.

Our Focus Areas

• Academic theories

• Climate and sustainability

• Health and pandemics

• Migration and human rights

• EU foreign policy

• Trade and inequality

The ENSURED Consortium




Kai Michael Kenkel


Marta Fernández

General Coordinator / Researcher

Paulo Esteves

MAPI Coordinator / Researcher

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