G20 Workshop and Financing Climate Justice

On April 30, we held the workshop “G20 and Financing Climate Justice”, promoted by the Policy Brief of professors and researchers Maureen Santos and Paula Sandrin.

Maureen and Paula are professors at IRI PUC-Rio and, respectively, coordinator and co-coordinator of the BPC Socio-Environmental Platform, which participates in the debates related to the T20 engagement group. The Socio-Environmental Platform, along with other researchers from Brazil, Argentina and Peru, submitted a PB to the T20 that addresses the financing of climate justice in the G20 countries. As a result, the workshop held at PUC-Rio’s Institute of International Relations is part of the actions developed to broaden the debate on the subject.

Maureen highlighted the importance of linking tax justice to the discussions: “We should think about taxes that can contribute to the funds needed to implement climate justice.”

Photos from the event can be seen on BPC’s Instagram.