BPC welcomes new foreign researchers to its fellowship program: Dr. Enara Muñoz (Spain) and Dr. Manu Misra (India).

The BRICS Policy Center welcomes two more visiting researchers. Dr. Enara Muñoz and Dr. Manu Misra started their research with the BPC as fellows in July 2023. The researchers will stay at the BPC during the second semester of 2023 and their research themes are respectively “Global international relations: southern contributions to the global environmental debate” and “Chinese economic relations with India & Brazil: a geoeconomic view”.


Dr. Enara is cooperating with the LACID research cluster and will participate, on August 17, in the workshop “BRICS in Africa and Latin America: what to expect from the summit in South Africa” together with Dr. Manu, who also contributed to the debate “India from Latin America: Peripherisation, Statebuilding, and Demand-Led Growth”.