Mathilde Chatin

Contact: [email protected]
Nationality: French
Institution: King’s College London
BPC Research Period: May 05, 2013 to June 05, 2013

Short Bio:

Mathilde Chatin, PhD Fellow, is currently writing his doctoral thesis on “Brazil: the new powerhouse without military strength? A conceptual and empirical question about an emerging economic power” at the University of King’s College London. In London, she also wrote her master’s thesis on comparative politics (with a specialization in Latin American politics) at the London School of Economics. Among other work experiences related to Latin America, she worked in diverse areas such as attaché to the Ambassador to Uruguay for a communications agency in Mexico, for the media department of the French Embassy in Argentina and the Maison de l’Amérique Latine, French diplomatic institution for Latin America. For the next academic year, Mathilde was accepted as a visiting researcher at IRI-USP.