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Maria Elena Rodriguez

PhD in Sociology at IESP-UERJ, she holds a law degree from the University of Antioquia (Colombia, 1988) and a Master’s degree in Development Law from the Université de Génève (Switzerland, 1996). She is a PHd student of Sociology at IESP-UERJ (formerly IUPERJ), working on the topic Law and Society. Is working in Brazil and Colombia, mainly in the following subjects: social rights, human rights, constitutional rights, access to justice, judicial activism and enforceability of rights. She also has a long history with organized civil society in the area of interaction between Social Rights and Public Policies, with special attention to the advocacy of fundamental rights and human rights education. As part of his PhD, she conducted field research in New Delhi, India, between 2009 and 2011 on comparative aspects of access to justice and judicial activism.






Development Banks and Safeguards

The BRICS Policy Center in partnership with the Mott Foundation launched the project "Strengthening the Safeguards of New Development Banks" (“Fortalecendo as Salvaguardas dos Novos Bancos de Desenvolvimento”). The project...


Chinese Companies’ Operations Abroad: Outlook on Chinese Government’s Guidance for...

In both the Going Global Strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the presence of Chinese companies and investments across the world has increased in the past two decades…

The Brazilian model of Investment Agreements and Socio-environmental Safeguards

This Quarterly Brief seeks to analyze similarities and differences between the new Brazilian CIFAs and traditional bilateral investment agreements - as well as to evaluate them in light of alternative...

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