The Director-General of the BRICS Policy CenterProf. Paulo Esteves, was interviewed by journalist Kaitlin Lavinder of The Cipher Brief. 

In the interview, Prof. Esteves commented on Brazil’s current political scenario and gave possible solutions for the financial, political and institutional crisis in the country.

The professor also analyzed the impeachment process faced by Dilma Rousseff and the paths the acting president, Michel Temer, will have to face if he replaces Dilma permanently at the Planalto (the official workplace of the President of Brazil).

The Olympic Games were also approached. When asked about the Game’s legacy for the city of Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Paulo Esteves highlighted the benefits created that will remain permanently for the population, but also the promises that were made, but not fulfilled, such as the cleaning of the Guanabara Bay.

The interview with Prof. Paulo Esteves was also used on an article written by Lavinder about the Olympic legacy.