New partnership with the Joint Center for Peace Operations of Brazil (CCOPAB)

On June 28, 2016, Professor Maíra Siman, Deputy Coordinator of the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM), met with General-of-Division Luiz Eduardo Ramos Baptista Pereira, Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Cavalcanti, and Colonel Carlos Augusto Ramires Teixeira, at the headquarters of the First Army Division to sign the Minutes that establishes the partnership between the Institute of International Relations (IRI) / BRICS Policy Center and the Joint Center of Peace Operations of Brazil (CCOPAB). The partnership aims to develop a Work Plan between the parties involved, aiming at the development of lines of academic research and other activities of mutual interest related to the peace operations of the United Nations.

Activities include: increasing the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in CCOPAB activities; the production of knowledge relating to UN peace operations through academic production and scientific articles; the increase in CCOPAB’s participation in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at IRI / PUC-Rio related to the peace operations; contribution to the professional practice of undergraduate and postgraduate students wishing to work in the field of international relations peace and humanitarian operations; and the promotion of other measures of mutual interest between the parties involved.