Inspiring women took part in the Convergence Dialogue organized by BPC

We are proud to give a voice to wonderful women. Last week, the BRICS Policy Center promoted the Convergence Dialogue, an event that brought together representatives of the C20 and T20 to start building a common declaration to be delivered at the G20 Summit in November.


And this event was attended by women who make history!


Janaína Gama is one of them. The coordinator of the W20, an Engagement Group focused on promoting gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, commented on the approach to gender issues in this context: “Inclusion is a collective movement, you can’t talk about collectivity without unity. Bringing this diversity of perspectives makes the recommendations to the G20 much more feasible and effective in solving the problems that reality imposes on us. That’s joining forces.



Juliane Cintra, from Ação Educativa of the C20 was also present at the event. According to her, the Engagement Groups are a point of articulation for civil society in all its diversity. “The possibility of articulation between the engagement groups themselves is very valuable because there are different perspectives from different parts of civil society on the same issue,” she commented.


Mariana Rondon, from Plataforma Cipó, commented that seeking points of convergence, rather than fragmented views of the issues, brings strength to the groups as civil society organizations: “We need to understand the points that need to be addressed and bring this not only as a political message, but with technical and specific recommendations.”


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