Meeting of the General Coordination of International Relations and Cooperation (CGRIC), of Rio’s Prefecture, with IR professors and researchers

On the afternoon of April 24th, the Coordenadoria-Geral de Relações Internacionais e Cooperação (CGRIC), of the city of Rio, and the BRICS Policy Center, PUC-Rio, organized a meeting with professors and researchers from higher education institutions and post-graduate programs in International Relations based in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting intended to promote a space for the exchange of information on relevant themes in international politics, mutual presentation of research areas, as well as to identify synergies with CGRIC’s themes.  During the event, the participants sought to learn more about the work of the scholars present and understand how they can relate to the demands of the City Hall, aware of the international potential of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The General Coordination of International Relations and Cooperation exposed its planning of events and participation in networks, highlighting themes such as: diplomacy of cities; programs against gender inequality and against racism; participative diplomacy; sustainable development and fight for climate change mitigation. At the end of the meeting, the intention of creating an international policy advisory group and producing technical notes on various areas of interest was expressed.