The Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM) is happy to release another Paper produced in the context of its 2015 Fellowship Program, entitled “Mediating international conflicts: Challenges and opportunities”. Conducted by Jose Pascal da Rocha – Peace and Development Adviser of the United Nations (UN), experienced practitioner of mediation and 2015 GSUM Fellow –, this research aims to understand successes and failures of mediation through case studies, their peculiarities and complexities.

With such objective in mind, Pascal questions not only what makes a successful mediation, but also which methodological paths could enhance quantitative studies already put forth in the field. After briefly delineating his choice of conceptual and theoretical language, therefore, the author analyzes four empirical cases – Guatemala (1996); Tajikistan (1997); the Democratic Republic of Congo (1999); and Sudan (2006). Besides exploring the historical context of each case, the prenegotiation phase and the actual negotiations, the paper offers a few specific conclusions. Mediation is faced, above all, as an activity that demands creative and vigilant adaptability.

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