International Cooperation Dialogues for Development III.

International Cooperation Dialogues for Development III: Partnerships for Transformation will take place from June 17-20th, 2020. This is an event organized by BRICS Policy Center, in collaboration with a variety of national and international partnerships, whose objective is to promote political dialogues surrounding questions relating to South-South (CSS) and Triangular (Tr) Cooperation.

The 2020 Edition, Partnerships for Transformation, will cover the following agenda:

  • Dialogue 1- Transformative Practices: Aligning Cooperation for the Development of International Objectives.
  • Dialogue 2- Triangular Cooperation: How to Evaluate Partnerships
  • Dialogue 3- Creating the Best Partnerships in the Region: Kampala Principles in Action

We kindly request that you confirm your spot by email: [email protected]. For more information, click here.