G20 Workshop on Financing Climate Justice

On April 30, we held the workshop “G20 and Financing Climate Justice”, based on a Policy Brief by professors and researchers Maureen Santos and Paula Sandrin.

Maureen and Paula are professors at IRI PUC-Rio and, respectively, coordinator and co-coordinator of the BPC Socio-Environmental Platform, which participates in the debates related to the T20 engagement group. The Socio-Environmental Platform, along with other researchers from Brazil, Argentina and Peru, submitted a PB to the T20 that addresses the financing of climate justice in the G20 countries. As a result, the workshop held at PUC-Rio’s Institute of International Relations is part of the actions developed to broaden the debate on the subject.

Maureen highlighted the importance of linking tax justice to the discussions: “We should think about taxes that can contribute to the funds needed to implement climate justice.”

Photos from the event can be seen on BPC’s Instagram.