Global Solutions Summit 2024 event: “Overcoming the Crisis: Mobilizing Change for Global Prosperity”

The Global Solutions Summit 2024 is just around the corner! The event takes place in Berlin, Germany, and its theme is “Overcoming the Crisis: Mobilizing Change for Global Prosperity”. The event aims to address global challenges in BRICS+ and G20 cooperation, pinpointing the key obstacles and promoting initiatives to facilitate progress.

The event also aims to build structures of cooperation and mutual trust between countries, establish common goals for shared problems and create alternative ways for different countries to contribute to achieving these goals.

In this context, our director, Marta Fernández, will take part in a round table to discuss the extent to which consensus on shared values is an obstacle to solving global problems. In addition to Marta, the panel will include Stewart Patrick, Qian Xiao and Gabriela Keseberg Dávalos.

We wish all participants a good event!