Conversation on the Economy of Care with IRI undergraduate students facilitated by BPC director Marta Fernández, researcher Fayga Moreira and Prof. Victoria Santos

On Friday, Professor Marta Fernández welcomed undergraduate students from the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio to talk about the economy of care.

The discussion was enriched by the presence of post-doctoral researcher Fayga Moreira, from the Observatory of Cultural Diversity. Fayga was also a member of the Policy Brief team on the care economy in the T20 engagement group coordinated by our director, Marta.

The care economy is a concept that highlights the economic importance of activities such as housework and home maintenance, recognizing that they are fundamental to the reproduction of the workforce and the functioning of the economy as a whole.

The debates aim to highlight the need for public policies and social structures that value and adequately remunerate care work, promoting gender equity and contributing to sustainable development.

That’s why we stress the importance of including debates like this both on the G20 agenda and in classrooms.