The China Panel is a platform that intends to gather, organize and systematize data on chinese investments in Brazil and South America, as well as the financial flows between the countries of the region and China. Thus, the projects seeks to increase data availability about China’s presence in the region, to promote, transparency and access to information, ensuring the expansion of knowledge and open debate on the subject.

The platform has two main sections: Companies and Flows. The Companies section presents investments from public or private chinese companies in Brazil. The Flows section contains data on the different commercial flows between China and countries in South America.

Through this data a Map of Chinese Economic Influence in the region was constructed, which is exhibited on this section.


The methodology employed in the research of the China Panel platform can be accessed below (available in portuguese and english). It details how investment data from Chinese companies and data on South-South China cooperation with Latin American countries were obtained.



The China Panel glossary introduces the key concepts used in the research providing a more accurate understanding of the content presented. Access the glossary bellow (available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English):



Maria Elena Rodruiguez 

Paulo Esteves 


Academic staff: 

Anna Becker 

Camila Jardim

Camila dos Santos

Lara Mendes

Paula Máximo

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