BRICS Policy Center: What are we?

BPC is an independent, non-profit think tank located in Rio de Janeiro, affiliated with the Institute of International Relations (IRI) at PUC-Rio. Dedicated to the study of global transformations and their implications for Brazil and the Global South, it is committed to public debate and the promotion of a broad rights agenda.

Get to know the research programs:

1- Laboratory of International Cooperation and Financing for Development (LACID)
2- Research into Contemporary Slavery
3- Security and Development in the Global South
4- BRICS-Urbe
5- Innovation and Development Governance
6- Socio-environmental Platform
7- Global South Unit for Mediation
8- Political Economy of South-South Relations

Since 2011, we have been recognized worldwide, influencing legislators, civil society and other decision-makers.

The programs are coordinated by PUC-Rio professors and researchers, with the active participation of graduate and undergraduate students and interns. Together, we seek to contribute to reducing global inequalities, influence international public policies and shape a fairer and more inclusive future.

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