BRICS Policy Center organizes “Corona360” series and discusses the effects of the pandemic in its most diverse dimensions

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken thousands of lives and has left a path of destruction on a global scale. Faced with this picture, comparisons that were created by those who sought to understand the effects of the pandemic and design response strategies have proliferated. From a public health perspective, the pandemic has been compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918 many times. When seen through the lens of its economic effects, it was compared to the financial crisis of 2008 and by some to the 1929 crisis. Finally, when it was observed through the perspective of international politics, the pandemic was compared to the end of the Cold War. Although they indicate our astonishment, the comparisons hardly help us to understand the nature, the scale, or the multiple dimensions of transformations that we are living.

In the moment in which we practice social distancing or social isolation, the community of MAPI/IRI/BPC (PUC-Rio) met to organize a series of talks with specialists, political operators and decision-makers to help us to understand the effects of the pandemic in its various dimensions. This is the series “Corona 360”.

The series Corona 360 is an initiative from the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio, through the MAPI and the BRICS Policy Center. The content presented here is not representative of the official position of the involved institutions.

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The content from the previous events is available here only in Portuguese.


  1. Panemic: The Sunset or Refounding of International Organizations?
  2. The Impact of the Pandemic on the World Economy: Considerations of the Short- and Medium-term
  3. Humanitarian Challenges in Response to the Pandemic of Covid-19: A look at the work of Doctors without Borders
  4. Health Systems in Crisis: Covid-19 and Global Health
  5. Covid-19: An evaluation of 100 days of crisis
  6. Health Crisis and Health Systems: How countries are responding to Covid-19
  7. Foreign Policy in the age of the Coronavirus
  8. Biomonitoring and Infection in the Pandemic
  9. Covid-19 and businesses: Impacts and responses
  10. Covid-19 in the Brazilian Amazon
  11. The effects of the pandemic on international commerce
  12. The Brazilian Red Cross: Actions and Challenges on the front lines of Covid-19