“Brics expanded, now what? New challenges for Brazilian foreign policy”: Opinion article by Ana Garcia and Pablo Ibañez on the Le Monde Diplomatique website

Together with Pablo Ibañez, Adjunct Professor at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Ana Garcia, professor and director of the BRICS Policy Center, wrote an opinion piece about the 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa, in which she addressed several of the agendas discussed during the meeting, such as: de-dollarization, the creation of credit and trade mechanisms with local currencies, the use of a possible common currency among the bloc and, of course, the numerical expansion of the BRICS with the entry of six new members into the group. The text also sets out to raise some social and environmental contradictions within the BRICS, given the bloc’s geopolitical importance for the functioning of international politics. In addition, the authors highlight the upcoming challenges for Brazilian foreign policy, since issues such as labor rights, gender issues and social struggles tend to weaken with the entry of more conservative members.


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