BPC’s Socio-Environmental Platform holds 5th edition of Coffee with BRICS on the theme of the G20 and global taxation: how does the tax justice debate contribute to this agenda?

The 5th edition of Café com BRICS was a success! The event organized by the BPC Socio-Environmental Platform, with the support of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS), brought Gabriel Casnati to talk about tax justice in the context of the G20.

Researcher Maureen Santos led the conversation. According to her, the idea behind bringing this topic up was the presentation of her Policy Brief on climate justice.

“But what’s the connection between climate justice and fiscal justice, BPC?” 🤔 Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer!

Gabriel Casnati, who holds a master’s degree in International Relations from PUC São Paulo, brought to the table examples that prove that the global taxation agenda is strictly linked to environmental debates. According to him, in a world of debt, stagnant economy, growing crisis and inequality, there is a lack of resources to subsidize the demands of the climate crisis we are experiencing today.

Casnati brought up interesting points, such as the long-term effect of tax avoidance and evasion; the fact that the companies that evade the most money in the world are the most polluting; and the fact that the richest 1% of the world’s population is responsible for 16% of global pollution.

“The essence of the problem is the lack of transparency,” said Casnati, arguing that taxation would discourage this small portion of the world from polluting and that global funds to tackle climate change are some of the solutions.

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The recording of this edition of Café com BRICS is available on our youtube.