BPC has a new research project

The BRICS Policy Center is participating in a new research project, ENSURED, focused on research within the European Union.

A bit about the project:
ENSURED is a three-year research project, funded by the Horizon Europe program, to understand how the European Union can more effectively lead the defense of multilateralism and thereby succeed in making global governance more solid, effective and democratic.
Including universities, think tanks and civil society groups from across Europe, Brazil, India, South Africa, China and the United States, ENSURED’s aim is to provide EU policymakers with evidence-based knowledge, actionable recommendations and practical tools to promote better global governance in a world in transition.
ENSURED’s research areas are: Academic theories, climate and sustainability, Health and pandemics, migration and human rights, EU foreign policy and, trade and inequality.
The following are part of the project: Kai Michael Kenkel, researcher at the BRICS Policy Center, Marta Fernández, director and researcher at the BPC and Paulo Esteves, MAPI coordinator and researcher at the BPC.