BPC participates in seminar in Johannesburg with Professor Marta Fernández

The BRICS Policy Center, represented by Professor Marta Fernández, participated in the “BRICS Seminar on Governance and Cultural Exchange Forum”, held in Johannesburg, South Africa. She took part in the panel “Promoting understanding and mutual trust, building consensus on modernization”. In her speech, Marta Fernández highlighted the role of think tanks as important tools for advancing alternative visions of modernization, especially those linked to the realities of the BRICS countries, and not just using theories of modernization disseminated through hegemonic channels, such as Walt Rostow’s, as a reference. According to the professor, the global South cannot conceive of its modernization based on the North-Atlantic example, since the latter was only able to exist thanks to the exploitation of the South. Finally, she reaffirmed the need for critical modernization, based on local experience and in line with social justice.