BPC hosts a workshop of post-doctoral fellows from IRI/PUC-Rio

During the afternoon of 13/04/2023 (Thursday), professors Andrea Hoffmann, Ana Garcia, Maíra Siman, and Paula Sandrin received at the BRICS Policy Center some of the post-doctoral fellows of the Institute of International Relations, who presented their research topics. Francisco Eduardo Lemos de Matos’ research aims to map and monitor how the South-Atlantic refugee sea routes are organized and how the condition of the sea space produces its own meaning on the protection of refugees’ human rights. Isa Lima Mendes’ research aims to investigate the establishment of representative ties and transnational networks made by the extreme right in Latin America, but also the effects of these actions on human rights inside the region. Francine Rossone de Paula’s research aims to explore the rise of Brazil as a green power in political and discursive aspects. To finish, Victória Santos’ research focuses on political violence, criminal violence, and militarization in specific Latin American case studies, as well as the circuits of rationalities and means of militarization that connect Latin American contexts.