BPC director attends City Council meeting with Rio de Janeiro mayor

On November 24th, BPC Director Professor Marta Fernández took part in the City Council meeting with Mayor Eduardo Paes as part of the “Equality and Equity” group. The meeting, coordinated by the Planning Office/SUBPAR of the Department of Finance and Planning, is part of one of the actions of the City Council, which aims to bring citizens closer to City Hall while monitoring the actions of the Strategic Plan 2021-2024.


At this meeting, the councillors were invited to take part in the start of the discussions on the framework for planning the City of Rio, in a proposal for reflection divided into groups that addressed six major axes: Cooperation and Peace; Equality and Equity; Longevity, Well-being and Connected Territories; Economic Development, Competitiveness and Innovation; Climate Change; and Resilience and Governance.