BPC at G20: Event “Brazil in the global multilateral order”

In view of Brazil’s leading role in spaces of relevance to the Global South in the coming years, particularly the G20 and BRICS, the BRICS Policy Center has taken the initiative to organize a series of meetings in Rio de Janeiro to exchange information and dialogue between government actors, academics, civil society and other interested groups, as was the case with the event “Brazil’s agenda for IBSA and BRICS: what is at stake and what are the current challenges?”, which was attended by Ambassador Ana Maria Bierrenbach.


This time, the BRICS Policy Center, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), also as part of the BPC in the G20, organized the event “Brazil in the global multilateral order”, which took place on November 17 and was attended by Professor Monica Hirst (IESP). The event provided an opportunity to debate the changes taking place in international politics and Brazil’s role in this changing world. The event was attended by 25 in-person guests and 20 remote guests.