Book Launch: ‘Fragile States’ in an Unequal World

Last Tuesday, January 31st, Isabel Rocha de Siqueira, professor and adjunct director of IRI/PUC-Rio, participated in the launch of her book “‘Fragile States’ in an Unequal World: The role of the g7+ in International Diplomacy and Development Cooperation” at the Ministry of Finance of East Timor. Published by Open World Publishers and previously released in Brazil on December 07, 2022 at an event at the BRICS Policy Center, the book introduces the g7+, a group of 20 conflict-affected states, and introduces the reader to their histories and their voices in international politics.
The event was attended by about 200 participants, including members of the East Timor Parliament, ambassadors, civil society representatives, and students. Among the speakers, in addition to Professor Isabel who was online, were H.E. Antonio Freitas, Vice Minister of Finance of East Timor, and Dr. Helder da Costa, Secretary-General of the g7+.