Os resumos para a elaboração dos Policy Briefs, desenvolvidos por pesquisadores do BPC, foram aprovados pelo T20!


O T20 aprovou oito Abstracts (resumos) para a produção dos Policy Brief elaborados pelos pesquisadores do BRICS Policy Center. Aqui está a lista:

– Força Tarefa 1: Addressing unequal distribution of care work through an intersectional lens – Coordenadora Marta Fernández

* Força Tarefa 2: Opportunities and Challenges for Promoting Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Infrastructure – Coordenadora Maria Elena Rodriguez

* Força Tarefa 2: Fostering Climate Justice Finance in G20 countries – Coordenador Maureen Santos

* Força Tarefa 3: Financing a Sustainable Future: Global Challenges and Equitable Finance – Coordenador Paulo Esteves

* Força Tarefa 4: Protectionism and rising challenges to ensuring the developing world’s priorities in the G20 Agenda – Coordenador Carlos Frederico

* Força Tarefa 5: Data governance for inclusive development – Coordenadora Isabel Rocha

– Força Tarefa 6: The G20 Role in Strengthening Multilateralism and UN Reform – Coordenadora Monica Herz

– Força Tarefa 6: Addressing 21st Century’s Agenda: Global Public Investment for Global Challenges – Coordenadores Paulo Esteves/Carlos Frederico

Veja a lista completa: https://t20brasil.org/en/info/4/t20-brasil-selected-abstracts

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