BPC hosts FASE seminar about the territories under siege of the global chains of commodities

On the days October 29th and 30th, FASE (Solidariedade e Educação) realized at the BRICS Policy Center the seminar “The territories under siege of the global chains of commodities”. FASE has been developing actions that articulate the defense of the right to land and territory, of right to city, of food sovereignty and agroecology and women’s rights – their four causes – a criticism of development, hegemonic project turned each time more to the corporate interests of big companies linked to global chains of commodities. 

In that sense, the seminar sought to reflect on those processes and especially the financialization and environmentalization implications of the business practices, that invisibilize the indigenous people, traditional people, and communities (quilombolas, agroextrativism, traditional fishermen, etc.) and their territories of life.